Bob Veres offers HIFON members access to an ADV Part I Review Webinar by Stark & Stark law firm

A webinar by the Stark & Stark law firm was set up just for readers of their Inside Information service on March 2, 2018.

You probably know that the new Form ADV Part I (which you have to complete by the end of March) asks about separately managed accounts.  The SEC defines SMAs differently from how you might, and it’s likely that you fall into having to fill out that section–or face consequences in an audit. Attorneys Cary Kvitna, Stephen Galletto and Max Schatzow helped unravel the complexities in the one-hour webinar: ADV Part 1 Updates – Resolving Frequently Asked Questions.

You can go here for the PowerPoint slides:

and do a registration to hear the webinar recording here: